Health Anxiety & the Coronavirus

WARNING – CONTAINS TRIGGERS With everything in the news at the moment regarding the Coronavirus, it’s obviously going to have an impact on my Health Anxiety. So I thought I would tell you about it… When I first heard about the virus, it sounded like it was something in another country. You remember the Ebola […]

Side pain & Side thoughts

So I’ve been having this pain in my side now for quite a while.. I know before you all say I need to go to the doctors but before I do why not panic about it for ages.. you know like it’s nothing. In all seriousness I’ve had this pain for the last 2 years […]

The Beginning – Age 9

The first time I ever remember having anything close to anxiety was at 9.  I had been quite ill as a child always suffering with tonsilitis and colds.  I actually think my Mam pulled me out of meithrin (welsh nursery) because the room was so cold I was coming home ill.  Either that or she really didn’t […]

The start of the recovery

So I’ve finished my counselling and I have to admit I’m shitting my pants. It feels so so scary that I no longer have that to rely on. It was most defo a safety blanket. I’m now starting to feel very alone! I know I’m not. I have an absolute fantastic support system in my […]

Here I Am

Hello all! It’s taken me a while but I’ve decided to start a new blog to share my experiences and thoughts. If they make one person feel less alone then I’ve accomplished something… I’m going to apologise now. There will be spelling and grammar mistakes (and a few swear words 🙊) but if I had […]